Top Baby Products

After being a Mum for nearly a year and beginning to transition into the 'toddler' stage, I now feel like I can finally sit back and give an educated, thought-out response when being asked for my top baby products. 

Let's begin! 

Glow Dreaming Unit: This is a three-in-one machine that provides white noise, LED light & diffuses oils. We still use this unit with our daughter now being a year old. We actually ended up buying THREE units - one for her room, one for our room (yes, it's great for adults too!) and one for my parents house for when she sleeps over.

Love To Dream Swaddles: These swaddles are amazing as they as very easy to get on and off. They also zip from the bottom for late night nappy changes. This swaddle would be an option for summer and this swaddle would be an option for winter. Please check sizing and TOG before purchasing.

Baby Nail Care Set: Clipping or filing your little one's nails is a huge challenge however it is extremely necessary. Their nails grow rapidly and if not filed frequently, they will unfortunately end up scratching themselves and be left with marks (this happened to us on multiple occasions). We tried many different options and this set was the one we landed on. 

Busy Baby Book: This product is one of my saviours. We purchased this book for travelling and we actually keep it hidden when we are at home so it keeps that 'new toy' feeling for our daughter.. This book keeps her extremely entertained and engaged for a very long time. It is perfect for long car trips, plane rides or keeping them busy at restaurants.

Rocking Chair: There is no better feeling than holding my daughter and having a little cuddle before she goes to sleep. This rocking chair is comfortable, easy to get up and out of and just down-right relaxing. It was also one of the most affordable ones I could find on the market, whilst still being cute of course!

Pigeon Portable Powder Container: As a formula feeding mum, I wish I found this product sooner! This compartment container allows you to take pre-measured formula on the go. It is super easy and convenient to add into the bottle through the funnel feature. 

Spinning Suction Toys: These toys are another must for travel and being on-the-go. They suction to surfaces so you do not have to continually collect them off the floor. They are engagement and functional. 

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier: I use this baby carrier every day. I find that it is easier to pop my daughter in the carrier and head out for a walk or to the shops, than to set up the pram. This carrier in particular is great. Tip: If you feel like you baby needs to sit a little higher when facing outwards, place a swaddle or blanket just ender their bottom to slightly raise them.

Owlet Baby Monitor Duo: This product is on the more expensive side however, I could not live without it. The monitor is great for day time naps and the sock is perfect for night time. It monitored my baby's heart rate and oxygen levels and provided me with extra peace of mind and allowed me to sleep easier. I highly recommend this product, especially for a first-time mum like myself. 

Silicone Freezer Tray: When my daughter began eating solids, every month I would meal prep for her. To this day, I still always have a tray of mashed potato, sweet potato or pumpkin ready to go to pair with her dinner. These silicone freezer trays were a must for me.

Baby Walker: This baby walker is probably one of my daughters favourite toys to date. Not only has it helped her become more confident in walking, it is also incredibly engaging as a toy on its own.

Silicone Baby Bib: As you may be able to tell by now, I have a little bit of a silicone theme running. Why? They are much easier to clean and the silicone baby bibs are no different. We only use silicone baby bibs for feeding time.

Keychain Sensory Toy: This keychain is a great back-up toy to always have on stand-by. You never know when your child is going to require something to entertain them.


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