Your pantry

Your pantry can be one of the hardest spaces to keep organised as it is used every single day (and if you are anything like me, 70 times a day lol).

If you have a large pantry, particular a walk-in pantry, this will be a lot easier however if you have a small cupboard as many apartments do, this is where it can get tricky.

Although it is about maximising your space, the main way to keep it organised is by discarding unwanted and unused products. I know it can sometimes seem like a huge waste to throw away items that have barely been used or not at all, but it is only going to sit in there for months on end unused until it is off and needs to be discarded anyway.  

Just do it now.

More importantly, I want to mention that your pantry does not need to have every single item labelled and in beautiful glass jars. Please remember that this is not realistic and often impractical. I personally only label my common pantry products that I know I will always have stocked in my pantry e.g flour, sugar, cereals, etc.

For other items like snacks, I am constantly changing and buying different products so it is just not realistic to label these items. It is also not realistic to put every item you buy into beautiful, matching containers. Your Vegemite and peanut butter are going to stay in their packaging. Don't feel like your cupboard is messy because it has colourful commercial packaging showing. Practicality is key.

Always check in and ask yourself, am I doing this because it looks good or because it is practical. I have definitely been caught making decisions on things just for aesthetics however have often found it doesn't stay that way for very long due to of course, practicality. I have now found the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.