Apps to save money

Saving just a little can end up saving you a lot down the track. Below are my favourite apps to save you a little each day. 

FuelCheck: Do you need to fill up your car with petrol? Find the cheapest petrol within your selected radius. There can be a difference of 40 cents per litre between the cheapest and most expensive service station near you with over 2000 service stations uploading their prices in real time. You can even personalise the app by adding in your local and favourite stations or set up alerts for when the price drops under a certain threshold. The trip feature also helps you locate the cheapest fuel on your route. This is perfect for road trips when you are unfamiliar with the most affordable service stations. The trends also allow you to recognise the best days to fill you in your local area. 

Liven: The simple way to earn huge rewards every time you dine out. This app allows you to receive free meals, discounts and earn loyalty rewards. We all eat out occasionally and will continue to do so, so why not save money doing it? As a new user, you are rewarded with 100% off your bill back when you pay for your first transaction.. a free meal!

Raiz: This app is one of my favourite money saving apps. This app allowed me to save $5,000 in one year and barely even noticing my money leaving my account. Raiz helps you to save and invest your money by using your spare change. With the Raiz app, you can set up automatic rounds ups that adds on cents to your purchases to make them a whole number. Christmas time can be a very expensive time of year, and see your hard earned savings spent in just a few short weeks can be frustrating. Therefore, I use money from my Raiz savings (that I haven't even looked at or noticed) all year to purchase presents. The leftover money is then a big present to myself. 

ShopBack: Saving and earning on your online shopping has never been easier. Earn up to 30% cash back whilst purchasing items that you were going to buy anyway! You can use ShopBack on your phone, computer and now even in-store.