Your morning routine

Do you want to get organised in your personal life?

Start by the way you begin each day. Even if you are not a morning person and don't spring out of bed, it is important to find things that positively kick start your day. It's time to build your ultimate morning routine. Begin by writing a routine tailored to you and your lifestyle. Examples of how you can have a mindful morning include:

  • Wake up & make your bed
  • Don't go on your phone for the first 30 minutes upon rising
  • Get fresh air as soon as you can in the morning
  • Acknowledge three things that you are grateful for
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea 
  • Move your body, even it is just stretching
  • Set your daily intentions

Organise your day the night before by:

  • Writing your to-do list
  • Laying out your clothes
  • Preparing your food

A reminder, how you start your day matters.

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