Nursery organisation

Sometimes the things that look amazing, aren't the most practical. When you are having a baby, the most important aspect is practically and functionality. You want everything to be easily accessible so when you are sleep deprived, you are able to locate something quickly and without using too much brain power. 

I organised by baby's room by labelling baskets of all the things I would need regularly. Under the change table, I have woven baskets for creams/oils, nappies, wipes and extras for restocks. I then have a chest of drawers with the top drawer with a soft divider box labelled onesies. This is for all the onesies that currently fit. I also store a divider box with tops, bottoms, beanies & mittens, socks and bibs in the first section of drawers. In the middle section I store swaddles, towels and face cloths. In the bottom section I have divider boxes labelled 'Next Size' for all the clothes that do not yet fit. I purchased the box dividers from IKEA (here). They come in a set of 6 and I purchased two of them.

This organisation has worked really well for us as my partner and I both know exactly where everything goes. It makes putting the washing away and late night nappy changes easy.

One thing that I found did not work was originally storing toys in the nursery. I wanted to keep all baby items together in one room but found I was constantly transporting them back and fourth at the end of each day. I decided to purchase a large basket (an aesthetically pleasing one of course) and it is filled with all of the toys and stored in the corner of our living room where we play. This has made them much more accessible and has saved the time of constantly bringing them back and fourth in between rooms.