Tips & products for home organisation

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love all things home organisation. Everything in my home has a place and I find that when my home is tidy, my mind is calm. Like everyone though, my house gets messy, particularly with a baby and especially during the whirlwind of a time called newborn life. Since having a baby, I have become more and more interested in quick, easy and convenient ways to keep my house organised and clean, that requires the least amount of upkeep. 


  • Everything must have a place, even if it is in a cupboard or drawer, find somewhere for it. If you can't find somewhere, throw it out. 
  • Make your bed every morning and make it the first thing you do.
  • Put things away throughout the day, especially dishes.
  • Make time to clean your space daily, even if it is just 5 minutes.
  • Invest in an easy to use, cordless vacuum to make spot vacuuming much more convenient.
  • Keep your most used items easily accessible but tidy. Don't leave all of your most used items out on display, they will make your house feel cluttered. Unless they are aesthetically pleasing, they belong in a cupboard or drawer. That is my motto.
  • Don't leave clothes on the floor. If it's clean, hang it up. If it's dirty, put it in the wash.
  • Clean your home throughout the week rather than leaving it all to do on one day. Download the Household Cleaning Schedule to stay on top of your home every day.


You can organise your house for under $100. Below are my favourite products for my household and what I use them for. 

My holy grail for my drawers are these drawer dividers. I use them for underwear, bras, swimwear, gym clothes and more. They are the ultimate way to keep your drawers neat and categorised. I also use them in the Nursery to seperate everything. 
My number one top tip for small pantry's is to buy shelves. This creates levels in your pantry and allows you to store so much more. Be sure to measure your pantry before purchasing.

I use these in the nursery for nappies, wipes and products. They also offer this box in a larger version which I use these in the linen cupboard to seperate towels, sheets and products. These boxes would also be great in larger sized pantry's. 

These baskets that feature a handle are great in pantry's for food such as onions, potatoes, boxes of snacks or cereals. 

These jars are amazing for the laundry. I keep my laundry powder in one and my soaking powder in another, both labelled. I then have a smaller pouring jar for fabric softener. The laundry feels much more in order and cohesive with all of my products in the same style jars.

Kmart offer a wide range of clear drawers in different shapes and sizes. I have lots of these in my home. I use them to seperate my makeup into categories. I also use them in the pantry for my herbs and spices and small packets of things. 


My final and number one tip for home organisation, less is more. Throw out the clutter and be cutthroat. When it comes to decor, only keep or buy what you really love.