How to Become More Organised

The feeling of being organised is up there with one of the best. You know exactly what you have coming up the next day, week and month. Knowing when and where you’ll catch up with your bestie for a coffee, when to send that email to meet the deadline, what your weekly dinners will be and how many KIC workouts you’ll fit in that week…feeling organised is seriously unmatched.


On the other hand, the unwelcome and detested feeling of being unorganised is one that tends to creep up on us…our inbox is suddenly overflowing, we had an assignment due all of a sudden, our washing needs to be done and our car needs a service - ouch.

Starting from Scratch 

When you start to feel the nasty symptoms of being unorganised creep into your daily routine, they can be hard to ignore. 

Like most things, the hardest part is starting!



It can feel so overwhelming when we get busy and all of a sudden we are feeling unorganised and have no clue where to start. Here are some tips to turn to next time that happens to get back on track…


Prioritise with Planners 

Planners are your bestie when it comes to being organised and our Weekly Planner is the golden child, letting you plan the week ahead, allowing you to add a weekly goal to motivate you throughout the week. Used all together, the Daily Planner Notepad, Weekly Planner Notepad, Monthly Planner Notepad and Shopping List Notepad are the perfect place to start when you start to get organised. 


Must-Have Morning Routine

Once you have planned out the month ahead and upcoming week, the next place to start is your Morning Routine. Pick a time of the morning you want to wake up and try to stick to this each morning, even on the weekends, to adjust your natural sleeping schedule. List the things you want to achieve each morning. For me I love to wake up at sunrise and move my body either with a walk and a KIC workout, and then find it makes me feel organised if I get some “jobs” done, like popping on a load of washing or watering my plants…

Morning Routines are so important as they set you up for the day ahead and greatly determine the mental space you’ll be in each day.

Read our Blog “How to Create a Morning Routine” for more inspiration!.


Move, Move, Move 

We all know how important moving our bodies is. It helps with mental clarity and when we are feeling unorganised, it is one of the best things we can do to adjust our mindset. Find some kind of movement that you love, maybe it’s long walks or pilates, and schedule it into your day like a meeting so you commit to it.


Simple Self-care 

Simple self-care is the things that you can do for yourself that make you feel good. It could be a walk in the morning, reading a book, watching a tv show on Netflix in the evening or baking when you finish work…Find a handful of things that make you feel good and fit one or two of them into each day. This will improve your mood and in-turn, help you to feel more organised.



Top Tip:

Finding time on Sunday to set yourself up for the week, AKA, Set Me Up Sunday, is one of the best things you can do for yourself to ensure you feel organised throughout the week and aren’t caught off guard by impending deadlines or stress!

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