The productive power of writing lists by hand

Despite the advances in technology in today's world, there really is nothing like writing down a daily to-do list and ticking your tasks off. Your body actually releases a chemical called Dopamine when you achieve your task and tick it off the list.

Studies have shown that people actually retain information more effectively when they write by hand rather than typing. There is a particular study that found that people who hand wrote their tasks and goals, were 33% more likely to achieve them in comparison to those who typed them. 

Writing tasks, to-do’s, thoughts and ideas also helps you recall them as it engages your brain better and focuses your subconscious. So what other benefits does hand-writing provide other than a better retention rate in the long term?

Hand-writing means less time on technology. This alone is a major benefit alone, particularly younger generations as we already spend far too much time using technology. By writing on a piece of paper, you remove the distractions of social media, texts, calls and are consequently more likely to get your tasks done. When typing your tasks, you are immediately opening yourself up to all the distractions that technology offers. 

Furthermore, hand-writing tasks also subconsciously forces you to complete the tasks quicker. Tasks that are typed on technology feel like they are there forever and therefore, there is an infinite amount of time for them to be completed. Tasks written on a notepad can be easily lost, misplaced or damaged meaning that you are subconsciously forced to complete the task quicker in fear of losing the written task and forgetting about it.

That being said, hand-written tasks can actually be more reliable. They don't need charged and can be carried with you everywhere and you can pull your notepad out at work without colleagues thinking you are mindlessly scrolling on your phone or computer. 

It is no secret that writing your lists using technology has its perks too. However in terms of productivity and giving yourself a break from technology, old school pen and paper is the way to go.