The best investment you'll ever make

Our sleep space is often overlooked which is unfortunate as we spend a huge part of our life in bed resting. Sufficient rest is beneficial for the body, mind, and soul so therefore, by investing in the best products and materials that promote quality sleep, we are investing in ourselves. Your bedroom should be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Why should we invest in bedding?

  1. You use it every single day.
  2. It enhances the aesthetic of your room, creating consistency and promoting a sense of calm.
  3. It will save you money in the long run.
  4. It will positively impact all aspects of your health.

So what exactly should you buy to enhance your sleep? Below are my top purchases for a better nights sleep.

  • Quality cotton sheets: Personally, I suggest that they have over a 600 thread count. 
  • Diffuser & essential oils: Creating a calm environment through the sense of smell will enhance sleep quality. 
  • A pillow: When I say a pillow, I don't just mean any pillow. Go out and search high and low for the perfect pillow for you. Everybody is different and finding the best fit for you will change your sleep dramatically. 
  • A mattress: Again, the same rules apply as above.

Remember, when you invest in your sleep, you are investing in yourself! Don't feel guilty for spending money on this.