Making Self-Care a Priority

Making Self-Care A Priority

Mid-year burnout is well and truly in the air. 

The middle of July means we are more than half-way through the year and after the last 3 years of lockdowns and restrictions, this year, mid-year burnout has hit us like a ton of bricks…

We want to show you how important self-care is, especially when we are faced with burnout, and give you some tangible solutions going forward so you are never blind sided by burnout.


Simple Self-Care

Self-Care is a buzzword these days. It seems it is everywhere. It’s on our TikTok 'For You' pages, our Instagram feeds, on the podcasts we listen to. The benefits of self-care are endless, we become better versions of ourselves for the people around us, we are more productive, our routines peak, we get enough sleep, the list goes on…

Self-care looks different to everyone, for some it is having cocktails with the girls, it may be cosying up with a tea and a book, or it could be using our Monthly Planner to organise the month ahead to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  

Start with our Monthly Planner & write out any key dates for the month ahead. Use our Weekly Planner to schedule the upcoming week, writing out your top priorities, any deadlines, scheduling movement and planning dates to catch up with loved ones. Each morning use our Daily Planner as a “brain dump” of everything you need to achieve, scheduling in movement, top priorities and self-care activities.


Self-Care Staples

It’s easy to watch “Self-Care Routine” TikToks and read quotes about “putting yourself first” on your Instagram feeds but for it to be effective, self-care needs to be sustainable. Let us briefly cover some self-care staples you could add to your routine to counter burnout… 


  • Check back in with the goals you made in January.
  • Adjust your routine - maybe you’ve been staying up later than usual or skipping your workouts?
  • Spend time with people who make you feel happy, confident & motivated.
  • Read a book rather than scrolling on Instagram & TikTok.
  • Schedule weekly “Self-Care Nights” in your Weekly Planner - we LOVE self-care Fridays!
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Move your body every day - even if it is for 10 minutes. 


Burnout comes and goes, and it looks different in everyone. When you are experiencing burnout, treat yourself with kindness, we can all only ever do our best.

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