How to Minimise Screen-Time in our Social Media World

Instagram and TikTok are undeniably a part of our daily routines but too much screen time can be detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, like most things, we should set boundaries in order to minimise our screen time in this social media world… 

It is indisputable the rapid pace the world is moving when it comes to technology, continuously innovating everything and anything so it can be done online. We can’t criticise the social media-obsessed world we live in, there is so much good that it has brought us. We can connect with everyone and anyone virtually, we can stay up to date with our friends and family abroad, and we can follow influencers and public figures whom we admire. 


Less is More 

Just like styling your OOTD, when it comes to social media and screen time, less is always more. 

The more time we spend consumed in our digital world, the less we experience in the real world. While documenting, and more recently, “romanticising” our daily lives has become somewhat of a trend and normality, it, unfortunately, means that we are connecting less and less with those right in front of us. For many of us, we are online all day be that for work or studying so setting boundaries for “social” screen time should be a priority. 

Start by trialling paper planners as opposed to apps. Our Daily Planner is a perfect way to disconnect from the online world. Making a coffee and taking 20 minutes at the start of each day to hand write your priorities and goals is a perfect way to disconnect. 

Sundays are a perfect day to reset for the week. This Sunday, why not try to implement “No Socials Sunday” where you put your phone away for the day, making a conscious effort to be present…don’t worry, if there are moments you want to capture you can do so and post them on Monday morning as a reflection of your week! You will be surprised how much time you will have when you aren’t mindlessly reaching for your phone…


Daily Practices to Limit Screen-Time

Here are some simple yet effective habits you can try to implement each day to minimise your screen time. Write down how you feel each day when you limit your time on social media, you may be surprised by how to present and positive you feel!


  • Read a book instead! Reading is a beautiful way to escape your reality, without the comparison trap that TikTok and Instagram often evoke.
  • No Socials Sundays. Even if it’s for half the day, give it a go and see how you feel.
  • Invest in a camera. Investing in a camera is a great way to rely less on your phone, plus you will make more of an effort to capture memories.
  • Swap scrolling for sunshine. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, pop on your activewear and head outside for a walk.
  • Utilise Screen Time Apps. These are a great first step however it can be daunting seeing how much time you spend on your screen.
  • Pen & Paper. Where you can, swap your screen for pen & paper.
  • Utilise Planners. Our Daily Planner and Weekly Planner are perfect ways to be productive & off your phone.

    Top Tip:

    Try to not go on your phone for the first hour of the day. 

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